Reference Documents

References on the Web

  • Accotink Creek Watershed Management Plan (Final)” dated January 2011 (  Turkey Run is in the Mainstem 3 area. See projects AC9211, AC9212, and AC9213.
  • Proposed Turkey Run Stream Restoration Project” ( The description of the project on the Fairfax County website.  As of May 2016, the text is out of date and the plans referenced reflect the conceptual design.
  • Stream Restoration and Stabilization” ( A general discussion on the Fairfax Co website discussing stream restoration projects.
  • A Function-Based Framework for Stream Assessment & Restoration Projects” dated May 2012 ( This is a lengthy technical document with good background for stream restoration. The Table of Contents is helpful at finding specific topics of interest.

Truro Trails Articles

There have been brief mentions of this proposed project in most issues of Truro Trails since 2012.  The following articles have more detail:

  • October 2010—”Accotink Watershed Management: Draft Plan Unveiled”
  • November 2010—”Truro Comments to Fairfax County on Stream Restoration Projects”
  • June 2012 – “Why We Need to Take Care of Turkey Creek” , by Michael Adkins
  • October 2012—”Turkey Run Restoration Project”
  • November 2012—”Turkey Run Restoration—Status and Process”
  • November 2012—”Turkey Run Restoration—What You Need to Know”
  • January 2013 – “Special General Membership Meeting, November 28,2012, Turkey Run Restoration Project”
  • January 2013 – “Turkey Run Restoration – The Legal Issues”
  • February 2013 – “Turkey Run Stream Restoration Wins Community Support Vote”
  • February 2013 – “Meeting for THA Turkey Run Vote, January 16, 2013”
  • October 2013 – “Turkey Run Stream Restoration Project – What’s New? What’s Happening?”
  • September 2014 – “Turkey Run Stream Restoration Project – Progress!!”
  • March 2015 – “Parkland – Turkey Run Stream Restoration Project”
  • December 2015 – “Turkey Run Stream Restoration Project – Update”
  • March 2016 – “Turkey Run Stream Restoration Project – What’s New?”
  • September 2016 – “Construction Coming”
  • June 2017 – Turkey Run Stream Project [Bang!] Construction [Bang!! BANG!!!]