About Truro

The Truro Homes Association (THA) consists of 377 homeowners, most of whom live in homes which feature contemporary architecture. The rest of the homes are traditional designs seen throughout Northern Virginia. It is sited on rolling, wooded land. The developer retained parklands which most homes back onto. These parklands are owned and maintained by THA and contain paved trails, a creek that is crossed by the trails over nine bridges, and several playgrounds. They are entirely wooded.

THA also owns four tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a two story community center, the lower level of which supports the pool and the upper level of which has a kitchen and large room for meeting and parties.

The Board of Directors consists of five members, who are elected for three year terms. The terms are staggered and new members are elected at the November meeting. The new Board then elects the officers for the coming year.

The Board meets on the second Wednesday of each month at the Community Center, and meetings are open and conducted in accordance with an agenda that has been distributed earlier.

We take a lot of pride in the architecture of our community. The Architectural Guidelines were updated in 1993 to incorporate some needed changes and reaffirm our commitment to maintenance of our community’s appearance. A committee worked for almost a year to produce the revised guidelines. Public hearings were conducted, and the guidelines were adopted by the Board. Our Architectural Control Committee, which includes a Registered Architect, an attorney, and others with a good understanding of the guidelines, meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Community Center to consider requests by homeowners. They also act on violations which are presented in writing and attempt to work with homeowners to make corrections.

We have a strong committee structure, consisting of twelve committees. These include Neighborhood Watch, Traffic Task Force, Truro Community Center (which includes Swim, Dive, and Tennis Teams), Parklands, Architectural Control, Social, and Publicity (Truro Trails). Each Board member provides liaison with one or more committees, and reports to the Board on their activities. Each committee reports its activities at each of the two general membership meetings in May and November.

Our monthly newsletter, the Truro Trails, is the vehicle we use to publish information of interest to the community, including official notices and meeting minutes. It is the official publication of the Truro Homes Association.

Public Schools

W. T. Woodson High School

9525 Main Street, Fairfax
(703) 503-4610

Frost Middle School

4101 Pickett Road, Fairfax
(703) 503-2600

Wakefield Forest Elementary

4011 Iva Lane, Fairfax
(703) 503-2300

Truro Location

Truro is located in Fairfax County, Virginia just outside the capital beltway. It is south of Little River Turnpike and between Guinea and Wakefield Chapel roads. The site contains 45 acres of dedicated parklands.

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