Architectural Control

The Architectural Control Committee meets virtually the second Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. Email for a link.

Please consult the ACC Guidelines before presenting a request of the Committee. A request should be mailed or dropped in the clubhouse mailbox before the preceding Saturday.

If you are thinking of painting the exterior of your house, click here for approved color information.


The Landscape Committee is responsible for the enhancement and maintenance of the trees, shrubs and flowers at the Truro Community Center. Over the years, the community has replaced some plants but there were, and remain, areas that need a fresh look. Plants are living things, each has a life span normal for its species, each is subject to disease as well physical damage. In addition, some areas have plants that have grown too large for the area they occupy.

For the past three years the Board of Directors has included a line item in the budget to provide not only for the purchase of plant materials but for the addition of soil where needed and soil conditioning so that the plants we purchase will be healthy.

The Committee meets on a regular basis to address the needs of the Community Center landscaping and manages the grounds contract with Professional Grounds.

Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch Committee serves as liaison with the local Fairfax County police and coordinates THA efforts to have some limited community watch over the weekends.


The Pool Committee is designed to work with the Pool Management Company to ensure quality service and to make sure the contract with the management company is adhered to as prescribed by the Truro Board of Directors.

We are the liaison between the pool management company and the Board. Any problems are taken to the Board or directly to the Pool Management Company as necessary. A mid-season assessment of performance is done in July to correct any deficiencies and to address concerns of the community. Positive feedback is also rendered at this time.

The committee also orders furniture and miscellaneous items for the opening of the pool season. Based on numbers supplied by the Board, the season begins with a prescribed number of tables, umbrellas, chairs and lounges. After the season concludes, we determine the number of items needed for the next pool season. All expenditures are approved by the Board.

The committee meets on a regular basis during the summer.


The Parkland Committee was established to oversee Truro’s many acres of natural parkland, playgrounds, bridges and entrances. Our main charter is to promote a pleasurable and safe environment within a natural setting. This is executed through several measures to include compliance on the annual maintenance contract, volunteer work groups and special projects for beatification and parkland enhancements.

The Truro Parkland Committee, which is a volunteer organization, meets on a regular basis to address any new or on-going items affecting the center piece within the Truro Homeowners Association. Residents and members are encouraged to get involved and provide any suggestions that will continue to make Truro’s Parkland unique and picturesque.


The Truro By-Laws read that the Publicity Committee shall inform the members of all activities and functions of the Association and shall, after consulting with the Board of Directors, make such public releases and announcements as are in the best interests of the Association.

The Publicity Committee is the communication tree of the neighborhood. It is our job to send forth information to the homeowners, by delivering the Truro Trails, timely flyers with upcoming events, swim & dive team schedules, tennis activities, social committee events, and the like.

We deliver the information to Block Captains, who distribute it to the members of our neighborhood. Our record keeper mails the information to absentee landlords and TCC only members as well. It is our goal to have the news reach the members of the neighborhood as quickly as we receive it, because of the timely nature of some of the events.

It is also the job of the people on the Publicity Committee to be on the lookout for new neighbors, to welcome them to the neighborhood, and encourage them to fill out a Directory Information sheet. This Directory Information sheet is then forwarded to the Editor of the Truro Trails, who would then include this information in the next edition of our newspaper.


The Recycle Committee coordinates Truro’s efforts to comply with the County and Commonwealth recycling requirements as well as volunteer recycling programs.


The Social Committee’s goal is to provide activities and events where Truro neighbors can meet, socialize, have fun and relax. The committee sponsors the major THA social activities, such as the “Truro Talk” series, the Halloween Parade, the Winter Social, and the Summer Pool Party, among many other events!. Look for detailed event information in our monthly Social Committee article in the Truro Trails.

The committee is responsible for planning the theme for the various parties, ordering supplies and food, getting the liquor license, and collecting fees for these events. The committee meets on a party-by-party basis, planning and executing the next event.


The mission of the Traffic Committee is twofold: On a day to day basis, the committee exists as a central contact point to the Board of Directors for community concerns about vehicular traffic in, through, and around Truro. On a strategic level, the committee endeavors to monitor and anticipate the local impact of future changes in traffic volume and flow around our community, suggesting modifications and improvements where possible and needed.

The committee meets on an as need basis to discuss specific issues and is open to suggestions, volunteers, and information regarding traffic in our area.

On a day to day basis, the traffic on our neighborhood streets directly affects the quality and safety of life in our community. Although it is not the goal of the committee to act as a neighborhood traffic patrol, we do condone the reporting of chronic or egregious violations of traffic regulations on the streets of Truro to the local police. ANY reckless driving event or traffic offense can be reported to the police. Any violation of law can be investigated, and the person who committed the alleged offense (if found) can be brought to court by the witness. The Fairfax Police will mail out a letter to the registered owner of a car stating the vehicle belonging to them has been seen driving recklessly. According to the Fairfax County police, this program is successful, however some people do need to stand trial.


The mission of the Truro Homes Association website is to serve as the primary communications medium for the Truro community, which includes THA homeowners and Truro Community Center members. The website functions as a dynamic link facilitating the exchange and distribution of ideas and information among the THA & TCC members. It provides an online repository for the THA newsletter, calendars or events, legal, historical and other relevant documents. The committee meets on an ad hoc basis to develop programs and protocols for the upcoming year as well as maintaining the integrity of the website.