Application for a Waiver for the Parkland Encroachment Policy

The Parkland Encroachment policy prohibits private use of the parkland, including disposal, development, and propagation of certain invasive species. This would include structures, disposal, paths and temporary use, such as for signs or lighting. Although development in the parkland is prohibited, exceptions are permitted as detailed in the Parkland Encroachment Policy.   

A homeowner, therefore, may apply for a waiver to allow a pre-existing situation or to allow something that deviates from the Parkland Use Policy or Parkland Encroachment Policy 

If you wish to request a waiver, please submit this webform, which will be reviewed by the Parkland Committee and ultimately by the Truro Board of Directors. The Parkland Committee will strive to consistently apply these criteria as it reviews waiver requests and makes recommendations to the THA Board. The Board will grant or disapprove waivers. Should it be determined that a proposed waiver for an existing condition is not acceptable, the Board will provide a deadline for remediation. If a waiver is granted the items must be removed and parkland restored as per the waiver. Waivers do not convey to subsequent property owners and therefore must remedied prior to any transfer of ownership of the property. 

Please complete the following. For questions or guidance, please write to

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    Describe the activity or situation for which you are requesting a waiver Please state why a waiver is appropriate for the specific situation and provide justification to support the request, bearing in mind that the following considerations:

    * Potential changes to the ecology of the parkland and the management approach of maintaining a natural ambiance to the parkland
    * potential hazards associated with the waiver
    * any legal factors in reviewing the waiver application
    * any benefit to the entire THA community.