Community Outreach

The Working Group is taking the following actions to allow the Truro community to have an informed discussion on the proposed project and ultimately to provide the THA Board with input for the decision about whether to grant the easement that would let the project proceed:

  • A special meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 7:30 pm at the Wakefield Forest Elementary School cafeteria, to discuss the Preliminary Conceptual Design that will have just been developed and delivered. We consider it important for all THA homeowners, not only those adjacent to the proposed project, to attend this meeting so we will meet at the school to be able to accommodate the entire community. At this meeting we will also discuss ways for the community to learn more the details of the project as they are developed and provide feedback to the Working Group.
    • A letter will be sent to all Truro homeowners informing them of this meeting and encouraging participation.
  • The proposed project and the process will be outlined briefly at the THA General Meeting on November 14, but at that time, we won’t have even the preliminary conceptual design and this subject warrants the more thorough discussion planned for the special meeting discussed above.
  • As the design details are developed, there will be opportunities for Truro residents to see in the parkland itself the scope and likely impacts of the project.
  • We will arrange for tours of other completed stream restoration projects in Fairfax County, including one completed in April of this year, so community members can see what completed projects look like, less than a year after completion and several years after completion.
  • A special e-mail address has been established to receive comments and questions from THA homeowners regarding this project.
  • Following completion of the Final Conceptual Design, we will have a second special meeting Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 7:30 pm, also at the Wakefield Forest Elementary School cafeteria. Following further discussion of the project, attendees at this meeting will vote as to whether to proceed. Although not a formal binding vote, the Board intends to weigh this vote strongly in their decision as to whether to grant the easement necessary for the project to proceed.

If the project proceeds, the Working Group will continue to provide an interface between the Truro community and Fairfax County and its contractors during and following the construction phase. The specific actions in this regard have not yet been determined.