Complaint Policy

Submit the form below to file a complaint or download a PDF version here.

    (To comply with Section 55-530 of the Virginia Code and 18 VAC 48-70-10, et seq.)

    You may use this form to file a complaint concerning Truro Homes Association, Inc. (the "Association"):



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    Please described the nature of your complaint and cite any provisions of the Association Documents or applicable statute or regulations that is the basis for your complaint (please attach all documents and communications supporting your complaint):

    Name and address of persons that are the subject of complaint:

    Description of Relief Being Sought by Complainant or Requested Action:

    Be advised, the Association may elect not to take action on any complaint which does not conform to the above-referenced delivery requirements or include the requested information on this form.

    The Association will provide written acknowledgement of receipt of the form within 7 days via certified mail, hand delivery, or electronic means, if applicable. If additional information is required, you will be notified in accordance with Section 7 of the Association's procedures.

    The Association will investigate your complaint when it has received a valid written complaint.

    The Association will conclude its investigation within 30 days of its receipt of your valid written complaint. Once investigation is concluded, you will be notified of when and where your matter will be reviewed by the Board (or other body, if applicable).

    After the Board has made its final determination, the Board will send you a written Notice of Final Determination within 7 days of the decision by either via certified mail, hand delivery, or electronic means, if applicable.

    Once you have received a Notice of Final Determination, you have the right to contact the Office of the Common Interest Community Ombudsman. In accordance with the Common Interest Community Board's ("CIC Board") rules and procedures and Va Code 55-530, you may give notice to the CIC Board of any final adverse decision which your Association may make regarding your complaint. You must file the notice within 30 days of the final adverse decision. Your notice must be in writing on forms prescribed by the Common Interest Community Board, shall include copies of all records pertinent to the decision, and shall be accompanied by a $25 filing fee. The Common Interest Community Board may, for good cause shown, waive or refund the filing fee upon a finding that payment of the filing fee will cause you undue financial hardship. For more information or to submit a complaint to the Common Interest Community Ombudsman, please contact the Office of the Common Interest Community Ombudsman at:

    Virginia Common Interest Community Ombudsman
    9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 400
    Richmond, Virginia 23233-1463
    Phone: 804-367-2941 Email:

    Anonymous complaints will not be accepted.

    I have read the above conditions and agree with them.

    Attach all documents and communications supporting your complaint.