Stream Restoration (orig)

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In 2010, Fairfax County issued a draft plan for management of the watersheds in Fairfax County. The draft plan identified many possible stream restoration projects in the County, including three in the THA parkland. The Turkey Run stream in our parkland feeds Accotink Creek, which has the second largest watershed in the County. Fundamentally, the problem with Turkey Run in the THA parkland is that the influx of stormwater through storm drain outfalls has eroded and incised the stream bed, creating downstream siltation problems and threatening trees and structures along the stream banks. This situation will further degrade with time unless remedial action is taken. After some community discussion, the THA Board sent comments to the County responding to the draft plan.

In April 2012, THA was informed that a stream restoration project in the THA parkland had been selected for performance in FY2013. Following a presentation by the County at the June 2012 THA Board meeting, a working group of Truro residents was formed to interface with the County and the THA on this project.

At this point, it is not definite that the project will occur but planning and design is proceeding to support it. The planning is still in an early stage with many details yet to be defined. The Truro community will have an opportunity to learn more about this proposed project, to provide input, and to decide whether to support it. The THA legal counsel has advised that the THA Board has the authority and responsibility to grant the necessary easements for the project to proceed but the Board’s position is that they won’t decide whether to do that until the community has been informed of the project and has voiced support for the project.

This page will be used to provide background information to the Truro community and to keep the Truro community informed of progress.

To comment on the project or to ask questions, please send an email to:

The working group will try to respond to as many inquiries as possible and disseminate information to the community via the Truro Trails, this website, and other means such as community meetings, as appropriate.