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Truro Trails Articles

There have been brief mentions of this proposed project in June, July, August, and September 2012 Truro Trails and the following articles published in:

  • October 2010—”Accotink Watershed Management: Draft Plan Unveiled”
  • November 2010—”Truro Comments to Fairfax County on Stream Restoration Projects”
  • October 2012—”Turkey Run Restoration Project”
  • November 2012—”Turkey Run Restoration—Status and Process”
  • November 2012—”Turkey Run Restoration—What You Need to Know”


  • THA Board letter to Fairfax County dated October 21, 2010 commenting on the projects in Truro that were identified in the Draft Watershed Management Plan.
  • Rees Broome, PC letter dated October 8, 2012. This letter from the THA attorney to Fairfax County provides a legal opinion about what is needed before the County can perform this project on THA-owned land.