Rental Guidelines and Contacts

    1. Concerning beer, wine and spirits:
      1. A banquet license is needed to serve beer, wine or spirits at an event if an entrance fee or admission charge is assessed. This license must be obtained by the renter through the state prior to the event. (Renters should plan on a minimum of seven business days for the process of obtaining a banquet license and contact
      2. When no admission charge/entrance fee is charged, then no banquet license is required even if the host provides alcoholic beverages to his/her guests or if guests/attendees bring their own alcoholic beverages to the facility.
      3. No one under the age of 21 may consume alcoholic beverages on the property.
      4. Renters are responsible for ensuring that alcoholic beverages are not served to intoxicated
        guests on the property.
    2. Concerning noise:
      1. All renters must abide by Fairfax County noise regulations. A summary chart detailing the county noise regulations is available here.
      2. A meter for measuring noise will be provided to renters by the Clubhouse Reservations Chair.
      3. Once an event is underway, Fairfax County police have jurisdiction in adjudicating disputes about noise.

Reminder: Our neighbors live near the Clubhouse, a shared resource. Please be mindful and courteous as you plan your event, considering its impacts on these neighbors especially. Thank you for not abusing their hospitality.

  1. Concerning use of the pool and pool deck:
    1. The pool and pool deck are rented together but are not included in the Clubhouse rental fee.
    2. The pool and pool deck are available for a pool rental fee (payable to Truro Community Center)
      for hours outside their use for community-wide events and the pool’s standard operating hours
      schedule between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
    3. The rental of the pool and pool deck—due to county regulations—requires the contracting of lifeguards through NV Pools, the TCC’s pool management company.
    4. Payment for the requisite lifeguards and pool managers (determined by NV Pools at its sole
      discretion) is payable to NV Pools but delivered to the Clubhouse Reservations Chair at the time
      of the submission of the Reservation Form, deposits and rental fees.
    5. When the pool is closed, no one is allowed on the pool deck or in the pool.
  2. Concerning maintenance and facilities:
    1. THA/TCC renter assumes all responsibility for injury to persons and/or damage to property while using the facility and agrees to save and hold harmless the Truro Homes Association. (Please check your homeowners liability insurance for coverage.)
      1. Facilities must be vacated in accordance with rental reservation form agreement/contract.
      2. Charcoal or gas-fueled barbecue grills or smokers in the clubhouse and/or on the wood deck,
        stairs, porch or walkway is strictly PROHIBITED.
      3. Do not use any substances on the hardwood floor.
      4. Do not put tape or thumb tacks on the walls.
      5. Do not use foggers inside the clubhouse.
      6. Smoking is not allowed inside the clubhouse, its kitchen or its restrooms.
      7. Do not put coffee grounds in the sink’s garbage disposal.
      8. Air Conditioning:
        1. If selected, the thermostat will be set remotely to 72 degrees 90 minutes before your set up or event. Please be advised that on hot summer days the room may not cool to that level.
  3. General guidelines:
    1. THA/TCC renter must be on the premises at all times during the event.
    2. Do not consume any food or drink that is in the cabinets or refrigerator as they belong to Truro teams and clubs. Items found in the kitchen are owned and accounted for by Truro teams and clubs. The renter is responsible for providing even disposable paper goods (including paper towels) and trash bags.
  4. Contacts:
    1. If you have problems with the power, plumbing, heat or appliances, call the TCC management
      company NV Pools at (703) 968-8800.
    2. With questions about your rental or the condition of the building, contact the Clubhouse Reservations Chair at
    3. Should you lose the key or inadvertently lock it in the building, duplicate keys are held by THA Recordkeeper Patty Vinall at (703) 764-0381 and THA Treasurer Chuck Roper at (703) 764-9593.
  5. Snow Policy
    • Whenever the Fairfax County Government is closed as a result of either a snow or ice storm, the club house will also be closed. The facility will not be available for THA/TCC events, such as yoga or scout use.  As for existing rentals, the renter will have the choice of either cancelling the event or reimbursing THA for the cost of snow removal, if the renter wishes to proceed with the event.  After the snow or ice event, a member of the Board of Directors will perform an on sight review of parking lot to determine whether it is now safe to reopen the club house and parking lots.