Community Outreach

The THA Stream Team has taken several actions to allow the Truro community to have an informed discussion on the proposed project and to keep the community informed of the current status.  Feedback from the community has enabled both the THA Board and the Stream Team to represent the interests of the community in formal actions and detailed discussions with the County and the design contractor

Articles in the Truro Trails – Most issues of the Truro Trails since June 2012 have had at least mentioned the current status and near term prognosis of the project.  Several articles with more detailed discussion have also been published in the Truro Trails, the most significant ones being in October and November 2012; January, February, and October 2013; September 2014; March 2015; March 2016; September 2016 and June 2017.

“Truro Community Connect” Facebook group – During the construction phase of the contract, the “Truro Community Connect” Facebook group has been used to disseminate status updates and offers a place for THA members to ask questions and make comments about the work.

Community Meetings – In addition to reports at each of the May and November THA General Membership Meetings since 2012, there have been special meetings for the Stream Team, the County, and the design contractor to present more detailed information and receive feedback from the community.

  • November 2012: Discuss the Preliminary Conceptual Design, outline the path forward, receive feedback from the community, and respond to questions.
  • January 2013: Discuss the Final Conceptual Design, highlighting differences from the preliminary version.  The community then voted overwhelmingly to support proceeding with the project, providing assurance of community support to the THA Board and the Stream Team for future dealings with the County.
  • January 2015: Discuss the Final Design (at the 35% complete stage), highlighting the minor differences from the Conceptual Designs presented previously.  Also discuss the steps necessary to proceed into construction with a more realistic prognosis of likely timing.
  • August 2015: Provide an update on the project after the 95% complete Final Design submittal.

Tours – Before the January 2013 vote by the community, the Stream Team hosted tours of the Turkey Run stream to illustrate current conditions and discuss notionally how the project would resolve the problems.  A tour of a recently completed stream restoration project was also conducted to illustrate typical post-project appearance.

Special Announcements – Special announcements were issued when unusual preparatory work (e.g., drilling to get core samples of the terrain or interim stabilization of a sanitary sewer line) was to occur in the parkland.

In August 2016, as actual construction was imminent, the THA Board sent a letter to each THA homeowner discussing the project, the anticipated short and long term impacts of the project, and plans for refurbishment of the asphalt paths that will not be refurbished as a part of the project.

Other Actions – The composition of the Stream Team was announced widely, information was posted on the THA website, and a special e-mail address was established to receive comments and questions from THA homeowners.