Timeline and Schedule


September 2010

Draft Watershed Management Plan issued by Fairfax Co.

October 2010

Truro community attends open meeting to discuss the draft plan and the possible implications of the projects in Truro.  THA Board comments on the possible projects in Truro identified in the Draft Plan

April 2012

THA advised that a project for restoration in the Truro parkland is in the plan for calendar year 2013

June – December 2012

  • Fairfax County staff brief THA Board and residents on the potential project.
  • The Stream Team, a Working Group of Truro residents, is formed to be the interface between THA and the County for this project.
  • The Stream Team tours our stream and meets with County and design contractor personnel to discuss current conditions and possible approaches.
  • A Preliminary Conceptual Design is delivered by the design contractor.
  • An open meeting for all Truro residents to be briefed on the scope and plans for the project, to ask questions, and to provide feedback.
  • After incorporating feedback from the Truro Community, the Final Conceptual Design is delivered by the design contractor

January 2013

  • Tours of Turkey Run in the parkland are given to THA residents to highlight existing conditions and explain features of the conceptual design.
  • A second open meeting is held for all Truro residents to vote whether to support the project based on the Final Conceptual Design. The vote overwhelmingly approves proceeding.
  • The THA Board formally notifies the County of this decision.

January 2013 – January 2014

  • Extensive interaction between THA and the County to resolve the legal basis for a project on privately-owned land and on the legal authority of the THA Board. T
  • Delays due to a County decision to develop a standard bridge design for use in all stream restoration projects.

January – August 2014

  • The County agrees that the legal issues have been resolved and conceptually agrees to proceed with the project.
  • Progress is slow with delays due to current year funding limitations and delays in negotiating the final design contract.
  • The contract for the final design is placed.

August 2014 – February 2015

  • The design contractor conducts detailed topographic and geotechnical surveys of the project area and updates the previous tree survey.
  • An interim version (35% complete) of the final design is submitted. The County, the Stream Team and the design contractor discuss and resolve comments.
  • An open meeting of the Truro community is held to present the “35% final design” and explain the few differences from the conceptual design presented in 2013.

February 2015 – March 2016

  • The contractor continues work on the final design.
  • A 95% complete final design is submitted. The County and the Stream Team discuss comments to the design contractor.
  • Another open meeting is held to update the Truro community on the status of the project.
  • The County Wastewater Management Division provides interim stabilization to a sanitary sewer line crossing Turkey Run that was significantly exposed during a summer storm.
  • The complete final design is submitted by the design contractor (February 2016) and approved by the County (March 2016).
  • The County confirms that all necessary permits and approvals have been obtained

April 2016

The County funds the project for construction in FY2017 (July 2016 – June 2017)

June – September 2016

The project is put out for bids.  The construction contract is placed with Environmental Quality Restoration (EQR) of Millersville, MD with a substantial completion date of June 19, 2017.

October – November 2016

EQR  began site setup in October and real construction activity in the stream began in November.

November 2016 – May 2017

Construction activities in full swing.  EQR falls slightly behind schedule, but adds additional crews and to try to recover time.  Minor issues result in a few days slippage of the contract completion date.

In May, EQR learns that the bridge subcontractor has not performed work required to support the project and terminates the subcontract.  The projected completion date will be affected, but a new date is not yet established.

June – August 2017

Recovery from the terminated bridge subcontract, as well as problems involving unexpected actual site conditions, and resolution of a design problem for the foundation of Twin bridges cause delays.   EQR projects a completion date of late October.

Resotoration of the clubhouse parking lot is removed from the EQR contract and given to another contractor.  The work is interrupted, shortly after it is begun, to deal with an unexpected groundwater problem.