The following documents are available in PDF and webform format:

Architectural Control Documents

Planning Guidelines
Application for External Changes to a Residence
Exterior House Painting Guidance/Regulation Summary
Tips & Hints for Staining/Painting each of the Truro Modern House Models
Index of ACC info in the Truro Trails (1990 – Present)

HOA Documents

Disclosure Packet Notice
Association Disclosure Packet
Truro Information Form
Insurance Letter 2017
Evidence of Insurance 2017-2018
2017 Account Balances Report
Common Interest Certificate
2017 TCC Budget
2017 THA Budget

Other Documents

Articles of Incorporation
TCC Manual
THA/TCC Fee Schedule
Parkland Encroachment Policy
Parkland Resource Policy
Complaint Policy
Electronic Voting Procedures (New!)
Requests for Examination and Copying of THA’s Records
2014 Replacement Reserve Report
Truro Welcome Pamphlet
Truro Pool Brochure

Truro Annual Audit Reports